What Is the Difference Between Tabloids and Broadsheets?

Newspaper Club/CC-BY-2.0

The main differences between a tabloid and a broadsheet are their sizes and the writing styles. Broadsheets measure between 11 to 12 inches wide and 20 inches or more long compared to tabloids that usually measure 11 inches wide and 17 inches long. As for writing style, broadsheets use a more toned-down style of news reporting while tabloids use a colloquial and, sometimes, impudent style of writing the news.

The primary choices of news items included in broadsheets are what some may consider as serious news; tabloids tend to focus more on crime stories or celebrity gossip. Although tabloids have become associated with over-the-top news reporting, there are serious tabloids too. The New York Daily News, for example, has won several Pulitzer Prizes for its brand of serious journalism.