What Is the Difference Between Subculture and Microculture?

A subculture is a smaller culture that develops either within or outside of a larger culture. A microculture is a culture that develops within a specific organization.

Culture is the collection of common beliefs, ideas and traditions of a group of people. Certain groups of people within a larger group may bond over other beliefs and appreciations. Sometimes, the beliefs are so deviant from that of the larger culture that the subculture exists almost exclusively outside of the culture. Other times, subcultures are people who simply have a common interest that affects their behavior, such as a favorite television show or type of music. The same sometimes happens within corporations or organizations. When this happens within that type of setting, it is considered a microculture instead of a subculture, because corporations and organizations do not usually exist as standalone cultures. Also, subcultures can involve millions of people. Microcultures are much more concentrated with fewer people. Microcultures are the direct result of the corporation or organization that brings its members together. Subcultures typically develop as a reflection of a culture but are not part of it. Both subcultures and microcultures are ways for people to bond and form friendships with like-minded individuals.