What Is the Difference Between an SSA 303 Payment and an SSA 310 Deposit?

The difference between SSA 303 and 310 payments is the location from which the payments were issued, according to the Office of Administration for Children and Families. The 303 indicates payment was made by the Bureau of the Fiscal Service’s Philadelphia Financial Center, and the 310 identifies Kansas City as the disbursement site.

The Bureau of the Fiscal Service is a bureau of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, according to the official website. The bureau issues all USDT paper checks and disbursements by electronic funds transfer, or EFT, from its two Regional Financial Centers, which process most federal government payments, including all Social Security Administration payments to beneficiaries.

All SSA Prior Month Accrual ACH payments are processed through the Kansas City Financial Center, according to the USDT. Kansas City shares responsibility for disbursement of public monies via paper check with the other Regional Financial Center located in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Financial Center is responsible for all post-payment processing and related functions.

If recipients of a check or EFT bank deposit are uncertain about why they received a payment from the Treasury or which agency was responsible for issuing the payment, they can contact the customer assistance staff using the USDT toll-free phone number.