What Is the Difference Between Platinum and Silver?

Justin Hawthorne/E+/Getty Images

Platinum weighs more than silver and is much denser. Platinum also has a much whiter and shinier appearance, where as silver appears to have a duller gray appearance. Platinum is much more expensive than silver, because it is more difficult to extract it from the ground,

Although platinum and silver appear to be incredibly similar to the untrained naked eye, there are many distinct differences between the two. Platinum and silver differ in their aspects of uses, rarity and value. Platinum is a rare metal, more rare than silver, and even more rare than gold. The price of platinum is a directly related to this trait. Platinum has a much higher melting point, which gives way to its durability. It is a preferred choice to set expensive stones. Platinum is considered a white alloy. This gives it the whiter appearance over silver. This white tint provides a distinctive white sheen to platinum which silver does not have. With a little maintenance, platinum maintains its white shiny appearance and does not tarnish. Platinum is not susceptible to cracking or corrosion. Platinum is the most expensive of metals, gold is the second most expensive metal, and silver is the cheapest of all three metals.