What Is the Difference Between Palmtops and Laptops?

A palmtop has very limited functionality compared to a laptop, and the device is usually used as a personal organizer; a laptop can perform more powerful tasks, support more memory and is compatible with a wider range of products. Both laptops and palmtops are portable computers that are ideal for use on the go.

Palmtops are ideal for basic uses like managing a calendar, and they generally fit in the palm of a hand. Due to their size, they lack many useful functionalities of a laptop, like having a disk drive and a keyboard. Instead, palmtops often have a stylus for typing directly on the screen.

A laptop, on the other hand, is equipped with a keyboard, screen, trackpad and chargeable battery. Aside from sending email and creating documents, laptop users can watch movies, listen to music, access the internet and more, making the laptop a versatile tool for any type of user.