What Is the Difference Between the GMC Sierra SLE and GMC Sierra?

The GMC Sierra SLE offers more standard features than the GMC Sierra; this truck is the mid-level trim of the Sierra model. The GMC Sierra family contains five Sierra truck models. The GMC Sierra base trim features amenities such as heated seats and power steering, while the SLE offers integrated technology and other accessories.

In mechanical layout and engineering, the GMC Sierra mirrors the Chevrolet Silverado. Both vehicles classify as full-size trucks, but the GMC Sierra contains different interior and exterior designs. This truck emerged on the auto scene in 1999. GMC based the design for the Sierra on the Ford F-150, a full-size pickup popular among consumers during the late 1990s. However, GMC bridged the gap between mid-level consumers and people looking for luxury vehicles. GMC equipped the base model, the GMC Sierra, with a 4.3L engine and six-speed transmission, giving it a leg up on the F-150. It also features a trailer sensor, air-filled cushioned seats, power locks and cruise control.

The SLE edition contains the same standard features of the base model, and offers consumers a bit more. The SLE contains a driver information display screen to indicate problems, display temperature, indicate time and date, and more. It features a back-up camera and a touch-screen radio. The SLE’s cabin has leather seats and a leather-wrapped steering wheel, which contains audio controls. Both models offer consumers options for additional accessories with purchase.