What Is the Difference Between GE Cafe and GE Profile?

As of 2014, the main difference between the GE Cafe and GE Profile series is the style of the appliances. The GE Cafe series has robust door handles, large control dials and a sturdy design similar to professional restaurant kitchens. GE Profile series appliances have sleek designs.

The GE Cafe series is built to resemble a restaurant kitchen for customers who want the look and feel of a professional kitchen, but do not require the precision of more expensive appliances. The series also has amenities similar to that of a restaurant’s kitchen.

Refrigerators of the Cafe series have exclusive climate zones to keep temperature and humidity at specified levels to keep food fresher. Cafe refrigerators are also able to dispense both hot and cold water, whereas the Profile series can only dispense cold water. Profile refrigerators, however, have a USB port so the user can upload custom pictures to the LCD screen. Cafe series refrigerators possess storage systems that are more flexible than similar Profile series models.

The GE Profile series is modeled to be sleeker and modern. The model range uses glass and slim, curved handles to accentuate the design. As of 2015, both the Profile series and Cafe series have models of the same size and price.