What Is the Difference Between the Ford XLT and Ford XLS?

The main difference between the Ford Explorer XLT and the Ford Explorer XLS is the number of standard options that each trim package offers and the quality of the options available. The XLT trim package is an upgrade from the base model XLS.

For those who prefer a more luxurious ride, the Ford XLT trim package features leather seats and a leather steering column. The XLT package also includes rear parking assist, heated exterior mirrors, lighted interior mirrors, satellite radio, fog lamps and a built-in security system, all as standard features.

Some features are offered as an option on an XLT trim package, but are not available on the XLS base model. These features include a climate control system with a multi-zone air conditioning unit, a backup camera, and an automatic remote engine start. For those who like the idea of being able to connect with family and friends while on the road, the XLT package also has the option for its own Wi-Fi hotspot, so the driver and passengers do not have to pull into a restaurant or other location to be able to check emails or pull up work details. The XL trim package is a base model that includes cloth seats and no frills.