What Is the Difference Between Ford’s A Plan and Z Plan?

Ford Motor Company’s A plan pricing is for active full-time Ford employees and their immediate family members, while the Z plan is for retired full-time employees and their immediate families. Both plans offer discounts when purchasing a new Ford vehicle.

The immediate family members eligible for either A- or Z-plan pricing include spouses, children, grandchildren, siblings and parents. In addition, the spouse’s parents and grandparents also qualify for A- or Z-plan pricing. Same-sex domestic partners of active Ford employees and their immediate family members are also eligible for A- and Z-plan pricing.

In addition to A- and Z-plan pricing, Ford also offers X- and D-plan pricing. To qualify for X-plan pricing, an individual must be sponsored by an active Ford employee or retiree. Employees who work for a Blue Oval, Lincoln Premier or Mercury Advantage certified dealership are eligible for D-plan pricing, as are their immediate family members. All employees of a certified dealership become eligible for this pricing plan within three days of the dealership being certified.

In order to obtain the special pricing plan, the eligible employee or retiree must first obtain his Partner Recognition Code and then call Ford to receive his personal identification number. This number is then provided to the dealer to prove that the individual qualifies for the pricing plan.