What Is the Difference Between Fine Art and Applied Art?

The main difference in fine art and applied art is that fine art is intended to create beauty and pleasure in looking while applied art is intended to be an aesthetic approach to performing a specific duty. Fine arts are able to be seen and can be produced for the sole purpose of pleasing the senses while applied arts are the act of doing something proactive.

Fine arts include music, dancing, painting and writing. These arts are able to provide pleasure and entertainment to others who view or listen to the pieces that are created. There are specific college degrees that are offered in fine arts that allow students to expand on the beautification talents that they already have. Fine arts are generally used in a hobbyist way.

Applied arts are intended for the use of a career. There are many degrees that offer applied arts in a variety of subjects. Applied arts can be anything from the English language to social sciences. These degrees can be used in a variety of career fields, but are generally not intended to provide pleasure or entertainment to others. They are intended for the degree holder to be able to perform specific duties when they are in a career setting.