What Is the Difference Between a Father and a Dad?

sarahwolfephotography/Moment/Getty Images

A father is the male parent who’s biologically responsible for conception and ultimate birth of a baby, while a dad is the father who supports that child by providing parental care, food, shelter and clothing. While DNA similarity ties a father to his child, life-long support defines the relationship between a dad and his child. It’s easier to be a father than dad.

The role of a dad involves making sacrifices, such as quitting a job to spend more time with kids if the spouse earns enough money to support the family. It entails keeping daily contact with children while providing them with guidance that helps them develop into functioning adults. A dad takes interest in bathing, dressing and playing with his newborn. He’s not afraid to change diapers on his own as he builds a special relationship with his child. He shows the baby affection by responding to cues and making the child feel comfortable.

Some tips for being a good dad include: talking to kids on the phone while at work, setting aside time to give the children undivided attention each day, taking the family out for leisure and fun, having healthy conversations with kids about values, and balancing discipline and support.