What Is the Difference Between Capri Pants and Crop Pants?

Capri pants, by definition, end above the ankle and traditionally come to about mid-calf. Cropped pants tend to be a bit longer in length and end at just about the ankle, grazing it rather than ending on the calf.

The main difference between capri pants and cropped pants is their length, the seasons in which they are worn and their level of formality. Both types of women’s pants are shorter than traditional full-length pants, but capris are slightly shorter than cropped pants. Capris tend to end between mid-calf and above the ankle, whereas cropped pants traditionally end right above the ankle and bear a closer resemblance to full-length pants.

In terms of the seasons that each type of pant is worn in, cropped pants may be worn well into the fall and even into the winter, depending on the fabric used, the style of the pants, the type of accessories and shoes they are paired with, and the color scheme. Cropped pants may be worn at casual social occasions but can also be very easily styled for more sophisticated and upscale events. Capris, however, are traditionally a casual, warm-weather article of clothing and are usually made of linen, denim or khaki.