What Is the Difference Between BioSil and Biotin?

BioSil is a brand name for a supplement containing silicon and choline, according to General Nutrition Center. Biotin, also known as vitamin H, is a coenzyme and a B vitamin, states WebMD.

Manufactured by the Belgian company Bio Minerals NV, BioSil is available over-the-counter in liquid and capsule form. The BioSil USA website states that the liquid form of BioSil supports beauty, bones and joints. The capsule form supports hair, skin and nails.

A few other claims associated with the capsule form include the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. BioSil’s two ingredients help the body to produce collagen, keratin and elastic, reports General Nutrition Center. The Food and Drug Administration, as of 2015, has not evaluated any claims made by Bio Minerals NV about its product.

Biotin positively impacts metabolism and the overall health of the body’s cells, reports WebMD. Biotin is specifically beneficial to the body’s nerves, skin and digestive tract. A balanced diet typically provides the optimal amounts of biotin most individuals require. Pregnant women are an exception, often having low levels of biotin. 30 micrograms of biotin is the recommended daily amount for adults.

As of 2015, preliminary evidence suggests a link between biotin supplementation and the strengthening of brittle nails.