What Is the Difference Between Bath Fitter and Re-Bath?

The main difference between Re-Bath and Bath Fitter is that Re-Bath offers consumers complete bathroom remodelling services, whereas Bath Fitter only installs bath tub and shower liners. Re-Bath provides full bathroom design services, and Bath Fitter does not.

Re-Bath provides comprehensive bathroom services, such as the installation of bath tubs, sinks, toilets and cabinetry. It also installs flooring and tiles and can increase storage space in bathrooms. Bath Fitter offers mostly bathroom accessories and small upgrade installation services, such as shower enclosures, small shower shelves and grab bars.

Re-Bath offers vanity installations and is able to install bathtub and shower liners over existing tubs or showers. Bath Fitter does not do vanity installations. Unlike Re-Bath, Bath Fitter offers consumers bathtub-to-shower conversions as well as wall installations that are applied directly to the existing tile.

Re-Bath provides a diverse selection of products in a wide range of colors and patterns. Since Bath Fitters is mainly concerned with installing bathtub and shower liners, it has a limited range of designs, colors and patterns available.

Another difference between the two companies is the price. A complete bathroom remodel can be expensive when compared to a simple liner installation. However, most quality bathtub and shower liners are as expensive as a full-service bath remodel.