What Is the Difference Between Americast and Bootz Bathtub Material?

There is no real difference between Americast products from American Standard and Bootzcast from Bootz Industries. Both materials are composites, but the type of composite from each company is proprietary, which means that the material’s makeup is not available to the public or to competitors.

Although these bathtubs are made from composite materials, the finished product is enameled. The material that these tubs are made from has been designed to have the benefits of other materials, such as cast iron. Some of these features include heat retention, weight and a durable surface finish. These composite bathtubs weigh only about one-third as much as a cast iron tub, which makes them ideal for a second-story bathroom.

While the composite material that Americast and Bootzcast bathtubs are made from has a number of benefits, there are some considerations to keep in mind. For instance, some users report a creaking or slight flex with these tubs. However, these results may be due to faulty bathtub installations.

Composite materials are only one choice for those looking for a new bathtub. Other materials include fiberglass, acrylic, enamel-on-steel and cast iron. People may also choose wood or cultured marble bathtubs, which offer them more unique bathroom design choices.