What Is the Difference Between Advil Migraine and Normal Advil?

The biggest differences between Advil Migraine and regular Advil are likely marketing and the look of the pills. Though Advil Migraine claims to specifically treat migraines, both varieties contain the same dosage of ibuprofen, a medication that treats pain and inflammation, WebMD notes.

Migraine sufferers can take Advil Migraine to help relieve their symptoms. As with normal oral Advil pills, patients can take the medicine once every four to six hours with a glass of water. Both medications share ibuprofen as the key ingredient. Ibuprofen treats fever, head pain, painful menstruation and joint damage. Advil Migraine often comes in liquid capsules, whereas Advil typically comes in smaller pill sizes, WebMD indicates.

People with migraines who choose to purchase Advil Migraine should keep some details in mind before they consume ibuprofen. Ibuprofen can cause irritation in the stomach lining, leading to an upset stomach, reports WebMD. Vomiting, further headache and diarrhea may also result from taking ibuprofen. Manufacturers recommend taking the pills with a glass of water to counteract Advil’s potential effects on the stomach.

Most people who use Advil Migraine and Advil in general do not experience side effects. Both drugs can be effective when it comes to relieving migraine pain. Take only the lowest effective dose for the shortest time to curtail stomach issues, WebMD recommends.