What Diet Plan Does Ernestine Shepherd Follow?

According to her official website, Ernestine Shepherd eats seven small meals a day that are nutritionally balanced to meet her workout needs, with plenty of protein and vitamins so that she does not have to over-supplement. Shepherd receives help with her diet from her husband and a professional nutritionist.

Ernestine Shepherd’s diet is mainly focused on boiled egg whites, chicken, vegetables and a liquid egg white drink, which ensures that she has sufficient protein and nutrients without excess calories. She supplements with vitamin D, since this is a difficult nutrient to obtain solely from her diet, and since proper skin synthesis from sunlight is difficult to manage.

Despite spreading her food across many meals, Ernestine Shepherd only consumes about 1,700 calories per day, well below the standard daily consumption for a female of 2,000 that is suggested by nutritionists. However, the careful nutritional composition of her diet still ensures that she has the energy to complete a strenuous exercise regime that includes running up to 80 miles per week on top of regular weight training.

Shepherd also devotes her time and energy to training other senior women on how to improve their fitness. She carefully structures rest periods into her schedule.