How Did Tamron Hall’s Sister Die?

Tamron Hall’s sister Renata was the victim of an unsolved murder in 2004. Renata’s death occurred following bouts of domestic violence. Hall now uses the incident as inspiration for humanitarian causes.

Renata was found dead face-down in her pool. At first, officers informed Hall’s family they were certain of her attacker’s identity; however, as of 2015, no person has been brought to justice.

Tamron Hall has said she partially blames herself for the loss of her sister. She claims she saw many signs of domestic abuse but did not do anything to intervene.

Shortly after the murder, Hall kept quiet about the incident to avoid exploitation allegations. Ultimately, she used the experience as her drive to host Investigation Discovery’s “Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall.” Additionally, Hall fights against domestic violence through the “Shine A Light” campaign.