Why Did Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney Get a Divorce?

Renee Zellweger filed papers with the Los Angeles Superior Court to have her marriage to Kenny Chesney annulled, citing fraud as the reason for the annulment. Zellweger and Chesney later released a statement in which they said that the reason for the annulment involved miscommunication regarding the original reasons for their marriage.

Zellweger and Chesney met in January 2005 at the Concert for Hope for victims of the Asian tsunami. Their relationship was not made public until April 29, 2005, when Zellweger appeared onstage and kissed Chesney at one of Chesney’s concerts in Jacksonville, Florida. Less than two weeks later, they were married in a secret ceremony on St. John in the Virgin Islands. On Sept. 15, 2005, the two announced that they planned to obtain an annulment due to fraud on the part of Chesney. Zellweger later released a statement in which she clarified that the term “fraud” was used as a legal term and wasn’t intended to reflect badly on Chesney’s character. In an interview with Anderson Cooper in February 2007, Chesney stated that he and Zellweger ageed to list fraud as their reason for having their marriage annulled, since they thought that it was the least harmful reason available to them.