What Did People Wear in the ’90s?

Clothing trends in the ’90s included denim overalls, printed vests, flannel, Dr. Marten’s shoes, bike shorts, Girbaud jeans and crop tops. Popular accessories included rice necklaces, plastic tattoo chokers, chain wallets, slap bracelets, friendship bracelets and mood rings.

Many styles of the ’90s were all about loud, brightly colored prints, patterns, giant logos, neon colors and tie-dye. Clothing designers like Tommy Hilfiger were also popular in the ’90s, as people loved the big red, white and blue color block logo. A popular fashion for women might have combined an oversized, tie-dyed T-shirt over a pair of neon bike shorts. If the shirt was especially big, it might have been knotted or clasped on the side. Another outfit option might have paired a crop top with denim overalls, a choker ying-yang necklace and a pair of Airwalk shoes. Of course, one strap of the overalls must have been left undone. Any ’90s outfit was made better with a splash of CK1 fragrance.

Men in the ’90s enjoyed their own fashion trends. A popular outfit coordinated a “No Fear” T-shirt with Umbro shorts and a pair of Air Jordan shoes. Regardless of whether his hair was long or short, many men’s hairstyles of the ’90s featured a part in the middle.