What Did Patricia Bragg Lie About?

Allegedly, Patricia Bragg, heiress to the Paul Bragg health and nutrition empire, is Bragg’s former daughter-in-law, not his daughter. According to court records, she is the biological daughter of Harry C. Pendleton, and she was married to Bragg’s son Robert from 1952-1957.

According “Patricia Bragg: Born to Do Her Father’s Work,” health and life coach Patricia Bragg considers herself a “health missionary,” carrying on her father Paul Bragg’s crusade encouraging people to eat better and exercise. The author of nine books, Bragg hosts a health and fitness radio show and promotes the Bragg Healthy Lifestyle. Founded in 1912, some of Bragg’s Live Food’s famous clients include Jack LaLanne, Tom Selleck and the Beach Boys.

However, evidence suggests that Patricia Bragg is not actually Paul Bragg’s daughter but his former daughter-in-law. Further, she has claimed that Bragg legally adopted her. According to “Paul Bragg’s Tarnished Legacy,” Patricia Pendleton married Robert E. Bragg on 04/19/1952, in Phoenix, Arizona. After Robert Bragg’s allegations linking his father and his wife, the couple divorced on March 3, 1957, in Los Angeles county. Further, signatures on legal documents claiming land inherited from her biological father filed on December 14, 1998, in Alameda county by Patricia Pendleton are the same as Patricia Bragg’s autographs in her books.