What Did Mother Teresa Achieve in Her Life?

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Prominent religious figure, saint and nun Mother Teresa, provided physical and emotional support to hundreds of homeless and sick individuals; she received numerous awards and honors for her efforts, including the gold medal of the Soviet Union’s Peace Committee. Mother Teresa was born on August 27, 1910, in Macedonia. Although she spent many years living among the homeless, Mother Teresa came from a wealthy family and spent her childhood years earning an education in academic studies and the Catholic religion.

Mother Teresa’s father died when she was 8 years old. As a result, Mother Teresa developed a close bond with her mother, who taught her the values of charity, community service and religion. Mother Teresa eventually left Macedonia to attend a school for nuns in Dublin, Ireland. She moved to Calcutta, India, following graduation, and she assumed a teaching position at the Saint Mary’s School for Girls. Mother Teresa helped the girls gain a basic education, and adopted the philosophy that education played a key role in alleviating poverty. In 1948, Mother Teresa left the school to live in the slums of Calcutta. Mother Teresa ultimately established institutions around the world to help the underprivileged. She received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979, and later the Jewel of India, a prestigious Indian civilian award recognizing good deeds.