What Did the Mayans Wear?

The Mayans primarily wore Loincloths that were made out of cotton and suitable for the hot climate that they lived in, but would wear a cloak called a manta if the weather was cold. A long cotton dress called a huipil was also worn by Mayan women. Wealthy Mayans wore jewelry crafted from jade while Mayan nobles would wear clay on their noses to create a long ridge.

The Mayans hunted parrots and macaws and used the feathers to make headdresses while also wearing sandals crafted from leather. Mayan parents would have their babies wear wooden frames on their foreheads in order to flatten their forehead because they believed a flat forehead was beautiful. Crossed-eyes were also considered attractive in Mayan culture and were achieved by hanging a bead off the child’s head that would dangle between the eyes.