Why Did Kellie Copeland Get Divorced?

Kellie Copeland has been divorced twice; the reason for her first divorce is not known, while the reason for her second divorce is cited as her husband’s infidelity. Copeland is the daughter of Kenneth Copeland, televangelist, and Gloria Copeland.

Kellie Copeland married Doyle Blaine Ward in 1982. The couple has two children, Rachel and Lindsey. The specific details of the couple’s divorce, including the reason for the split, are not available in the public domain.

Copeland married Alan Win Kutz, Jr. in 1985 and the couple has two children, Jenny and Max. The specific date of the couple’s separation is not available in the public domain, but is believed to be in late 2004 or early 2005. It was rumored that Win had affairs with multiple women, but the rumors were not confirmed.

Stephen Lowell Swisher married Copeland in 2008. The couple has a daughter, Emily Jean Ann Swisher.