Why Did John Hagee Divorce?

John Hagee wrote in a 1975 letter to his congregation that he was guilty of immorality, after which he divorced his wife, Martha Downing. The exact immorality is unknown. He married Diana Castro, a member of his congregation, on April 12, 1976. The remarriage immediately following his divorce led to allegations that he had an affair during his marriage.

Hagee married Downing in 1960, and the couple had two children together. Hagee was the pastor at Trinity Church in San Antonio, but criticism from his divorce caused him to resign.

Hagee has three children with Castro, named Matthew, Christina and Sandy. Hagee and his children with Castro are also musicians, who performed together as The Hagees.

On May 11, 1975, Hagee started a new church, called The Church at Castle Hills. Although it only had 25 members to start, it quickly grew in size, leading to two expansions. The first was a sanctuary with 1,600 seats, and the second was a sanctuary with 5,000 seats. Hagee named the second sanctuary Cornerstone Church. His son, Matthew, later took over as executive pastor of the church.

Hagee has written books, and numerous religious television stations broadcast his sermons. He has also founded religious organizations.