How Did Joan Kennedy Die?

Joan Bennett Kennedy, the pianist, former model and former wife of Senator Edward Kennedy, was born on September 9, 1936 and remains alive as of November 2015. Death and illness have touched the family on many occasions: her son Ted Jr. had bone cancer, her daughter Kara had lung cancer, and then passed away years later in 2011 of a heart attack.

Joan Kennedy publically struggles with alcoholism, and suffered many miscarriages during her marriage to Senator Kennedy. She was born in New York City and attended Manhattanville College. Her parents also struggled with alcoholism. She has a drunk driving arrest from 1974 on her record. Edward Kennedy, also known as Ted Kennedy, and Joan married on November 29, 1958. The troubled marriage that followed and her breakup with Senator Edward Kennedy received a great deal of publicity.

Ted Kennedy’s brother and Joan’s brother-in-law John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. Ted Kennedy suffered injuries in an airplane crash in 1964, including two broken ribs and six spinal fractures, and he was also in a car accident that resulted in the drowning death of his passenger Mary Jo Kopechne. It was rumored that Ted Kennedy had many affairs during their marriage, including an affair with Mary Jo Kopechne and the circumstances of her death were suspicious.