What Did Hippies Wear in the 1960s?

The most common and famous items of hippie clothing from the 1960s were bell-bottom jeans. These were often paired with brightly colored shirts or shirts covered in interesting patterns, such as paisley or tie-dye.

Hippie fashion varied, but bell-bottoms were popular with both men and women. They were often made of denim, but they were available in other materials as well. Some had stripes or other patterns on all or part of them. Cloth patches were popular both as a practical way to extend the life of the jeans and a fashion statement.

In the early 1960s, women often wore short, flowing shirts that showed off their midriffs, although by the end of the decade a more androgynous look was popular. Men wore T- or button-down shirts. Many items of clothing were inspired by Indian and African clothing. Leather vests, sometimes with fringe, were a popular accessory.

White hippies tended to wear their hair long and with minimal styling, and African-American hippies often wore their hair in natural styles, such as Afros. Sometimes, hippies would cover it with a bandanna or use a hairband to hold it back. Military-style clothing, such as old camouflage jackets, was also popular. Sometimes, these would be decorated with patches or other additions.

Hippies often accessorized with bold, unusual jewelry. Large hoop earrings, ankle bracelets and bells were trendy jewelry pieces. They often wore sandals, especially in warmer climates.