When Did Fashion First Start?

Becky Astbury Illustration/Moment/Getty Images

Fashion started when humans began wearing clothes. According to Life 123, people began wearing clothes somewhere between 100,000 to 500,000 years ago. Clothing established social status and individuality. These clothes were typically made from plants, animal skins and bone. Needles were made from bone, which allowed people to sew together furs for complex garments.

As the Earth grew colder, wearing fur became more of a necessity. It is believed that the first garment ever created was the tunic, a form of clothing that was made of two rectangular hides that were sewn together. A cutaway opening was left for the head, and a belt was usually wrapped around the waist. Archaeologists have also been able to find leggings and loin cloths on cavemen who died more than 5,000 years ago. High fashion began as kings and queens established fashion trends within their kingdoms. Cities like Paris became fashion hubs of the West. In the 20th century, musicians and movie stars had more of an impact on what people wore, but certain world leaders still had some measure of influence on the fashion scene. For instance, many women during the 1960s styled their hair after President John F. Kennedy’s wife, Jackie Kennedy. The late Princess Diana of Wales was also a fashion icon. Wife of Prince William, Kate Middleton, has become a trend setter around the world.