Why Did Christine From “Sister Wives” Want a Divorce?

Jeffrey Hamilton/DigitalVision/Getty Images

In 2012, Christine of “Sister Wives” expressed dissatisfaction with her marriage to Kody Brown and relationship with his other wives, stating that she felt like a failure and that she didn’t receive enough support raising her kids. However, it was actually Meri who filed for a divorce from Kody.

Although Meri and Kody Brown legally divorced in September 2014, the two still remain in a spiritual marriage, as of 2015. The reason for the legal divorce was that Kody wanted to adopt wife Robyn’s three children from a previous marriage, but he could only have a legal marriage with one of his wives. Divorcing Meri enabled him to marry Robyn, increasing his chances of successfully adopting the children. The family feared that Kody stood little chance of getting approval to adopt the children if he had only a spiritual marriage with Robyn because many people look down on the polygamist lifestyle. Kody wanted to become the adoptive father of the children so that the Brown family had a legal claim over the children in the event that Robyn passed away.

Despite the fact that Meri and Kody Brown remained together as a spiritually married couple, their legal divorce struck up some difficult emotions on an episode of “Sister Wives.” On the show, Kody asked Meri to promise him that nothing about their relationship was going to change because the word “divorce” has a scary connotation. Meri appeared to be crying while signing the divorce papers.