What Did the Ancient Greeks Drink?

Wine, water, beer and honey mead were the main drinks in ancient Greece. Milk was rarely drank because drinking milk was considered barbaric. Wine was also usually watered down before being drank because it was considered barbaric to drink it straight.

Honey mead is a type of alcoholic beverage that comes from fermenting honey with water. Sometimes other spices, such as fruits and grains, are added to change the flavor. Because sugar was unknown to the ancient Greeks, honey was their main sweetener and was used in a lot of recipes and drinks.

Fish was the main source of protein for the ancient Greeks because they did not drink a lot of milk. Also, beef was considered expensive, so only the wealthy ate it. The only time the commoners ate beef or pork was during religious holidays and festivals. During many festivals, cows and other animals were sacrificed to different gods. The meat from these animals was cooked and handed out to the public after the sacrifice.

Although breakfast is considered the main meal of the day in the modern world, supper was the main meal of the day for ancient Greeks. This meal was eaten during sunset and included fish, vegetables and fruit. For an after-dinner treat, Greek families often ate honey cake.