How Did the Airplane Change People’s Lives?

Till Krech/CC-BY 2.0

The airplane has affected human life in several areas, including the transport of goods internationally, the world of politics and meeting people from other countries. It has reduced travel time from one destination to another, affected the costs people are willing to pay for transportation, and changed the experience of traveling by offering luxuries that are not available in other modes of transportation such as vehicles, trains or boats.

The import and export of goods is one area in which the airplane has enabled humans to expand their horizons. Products that were not available before, or were only available in one part of the world, can now be used by people from across the globe. This has many advantages, including better access to healthy foods and medicines. A common example of this is the transport of foods and beverages that are manufactured in a region much further than its intended destination.

In terms of international progress, the airplane has allowed humans to explore countries that were previously only accessible by boat or vehicle, or not accessible at all. This has allowed a growth in international politics, as well as given people the opportunity to meet and learn about people from other countries while on business or pleasure trips.