How Do You Get a Free Diabetic Bracelet?

There are several ways to get free medical ID jewelry, which can communicate critical information about your diabetes condition in an emergency. Upon request, the Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation, or DRWF, sends you a free diabetes medical necklace. If you prefer a bracelet, you may qualify for a free bracelet from the MedicAlert Foundation. Veterans are eligible for free medical ID bracelets through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Your insurance plan may also reimburse you for medical ID jewelry.

To request a free necklace from DRWF, fill out the form provided on the organization’s website and mail it with a self-addressed envelope stamped with 69 cents of postage to the address provided. The organization sends back a free necklace with a pendant that reads, “I have diabetes. Please test my blood before treating me.”

However, a bracelet may offer additional benefits compared to a necklace. Medical ID manufacturer American Medical ID found in a survey that emergency medical technicians, or EMTs, check patients’ wrists for a medical ID bracelet 95 percent of the time in an emergency but only check their necks 68 percent of the time. An ID bracelet also often provides more surface area for engraving additional medical information, such as insulin dependency and allergies, your name and emergency contact information.

Call your health insurance company to find out if you are covered for the cost of a medical ID bracelet. If not, consider applying for sponsored services from the MedicAlert Foundation, which gives you a free bracelet and three years of medical response services if you demonstrate financial need. If you are a veteran, visit a VA clinic or talk to your physician about ordering a free bracelet.