What Are Dex Phonebook White Pages?

Dex Pages is an Internet version of the traditional phonebook “white pages,” and it allows users to easily search for phone numbers by name through an online search. Dex Pages also lets users search Yellow Pages as well as request a variety of services related to telephone books.

The “help” page for Dex Pages provides a link for users to order additional print telephone directories if the users require them. Additionally, this link allows users to cease telephone directory delivery entirely and provides links to information on how users can recycle old or unwanted telephone directories.

The same “help” page also provides information on how users can advertise through Dex Media by calling a specific phone number.

Dex Pages also allows users to search by telephone number, providing an easy way to find the names and addresses of those who have called. As with traditional White Pages, this information is only available if the individuals have kept their information up to date and have not requested it be deleted.

Dex Pages provides multiple ways to contact the business regarding technical support. Users can call a support phone number Monday through Friday and can also email questions to the company’s support staff.