How Do You Determine the Values of Bradford Exchange Plates?

To determine the values of Bradford Exchange plates, use a reference guide or collector’s book to determine the value or visit auction sites for the same or similar plates. Some guides to consider are the “Collectibles Market Guide & Price Index” or the “Price Guide to Limited Edition Collectibles.” Another option is to search through hobby or collector magazines or to visit the company website or another site that specializes in collector plate sales.

Another option is to peruse flea markets, swap meets or antique stores to find plates similar to yours as a comparison.

Consider searching through auction sites, such as eBay, for the plate, series of plates, artist or manufacturer that closely matches your own. Much of this information is on the back of the plate on a permanently affixed stamp. The best way to determine an approximate value is to search recently completed auctions. These closed auctions provide information on a realistic value and how popular the plate currently is. If all else fails, find an appraiser who specializes in collector plates or pop culture collectibles, depending on the design of your pieces. The value of the plates varies based on the condition of the plates and whether you have the original box and certificate of authenticity.