How Do You Determine the Value of a Vintage Murano Glass Clown?

Estimate the value of a vintage Murano glass clown by looking for recorded sales of the same piece or similar pieces online. Books about collectible glassware written for appraisers and serious hobbyists can also help you determine a price. You can also hire an appraiser who specializes in glassware to determine the value of the clown.

Online antique auction sites, such as The Internet Antique Shop and Ruby Lane, are helpful places to look for comparable pieces. General auction sites, like eBay, are also useful. Many websites also offer online pricing guides to help you with your valuation research.

Online appraisers typically offer an estimation of value for a small fee. Just include detailed images of your vintage clown and as much background information as possible.

Try to verify that the Murano glass clown is not a reproduction before you attempt a valuation. Authentic Murano glass clowns have distinct facial features and discernible expressions. The fingers on the hands of each clown are separate from each other and often extend away from the body. Authentic Murano clowns usually feature five to nine colors of glass per piece. A reproduction may use a clear glass base with only a few bits of colored glass for detail work. The glass in an authentic Murano clown is also thicker and heavier than most reproductions.