How Do You Determine the Value of a Salvador Dali Lithograph?

Terry Fincher/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Determine the value of a Salvador Dali lithograph print by verifying its authenticity, as well as identifying the print edition and the quality of the print. To be considered valuable, the lithograph should be in good condition, and ideally should be an early edition from a small print run.

Prints such as lithographs have a ratio written in pencil on the back side of the image. The first number indicates the print’s edition number, while the second number indicates the total number of prints in that run. For example, a print with 5/100 written on the back is the fifth print to be produced, out of a total of 100. Due to the nature of the lithography process, earlier editions are generally of a slightly better quality and are therefore more highly valued.

Authentic prints are usually signed by the artist, and should come with a certificate of authenticity upon purchase. An authentic print is worth more than a print of dubious origin.

Salvador Dali was a highly prolific print maker, and created a large number of lithographs during his lifetime. This means that Dali lithographs are fairly common, and therefore not worth as much as an original painting, for example.