How Do You Determine the Value of Matchbox Cars?

Domino/Taxi/Getty Images

Determine the value of Matchbox cars by using an online price guide such as those available on, and, as of 2015. Alternatively, check an auction site such as to see current and past sale prices on specific cars or find a local collector for an appraisal. features several different price guides for different eras and special series of Matchbox cars, with links to different subsets of prices for each section. The list only covers the cars up to the 1996 year of production, making it more suitable for vintage and classic toys. also features several different guides for the various lines of Matchbox cars, with each section including a quick link guide to specific sets of model numbers. Each section also includes a brief description of the years in which the cars were made and special characteristics of the line.

To find the value of a Matchbox car on, perform a keyword search on the site, and include as much information about the car as possible, including its color, wheel shape and a model number if available. Active listings show how much sellers are currently asking for such a car, while closed listings provide an idea of past sales. Sites such as allow you to locate a nearby toy or Matchbox collector who can make a custom appraisal of cars.