How Do You Determine the Value of a Hot Wheels Car?

Sergey Galyonkin/CC-BY-SA 2.0

The value of a Hot Wheels car can be determined by checking a reliable price guide in book form or online. The North Carolina Hot Wheels Association provides an online guide that uses a star rating system that indicates a model’s potential value and rarity.

Since there are multiple variables that can affect the value of a Hot Wheels car, the North Caroline Hot Wheels Association supplies a price range within which a certain model may fall. The general rule is that cars that are in mint condition and are still in their original packaging, also known as “blister packs,” tend to be more valuable.

A Hot Wheels car is considered to be in mint condition if it is in the same state as it was when it was originally released. There should be no faded paint colors, no cracks in its windshields and no scratches or chips in the car’s finish, and the wheels should be complete.

There are many books and magazines that talk about the history of Hot Wheels and can help owners determine a Hot Wheels car’s value. “The Ultimate Redline Guide 1968-1977” and its companion book, “The Ultimate Redline Guide Companion 1968-1977” are considered complete resources for cars released during those years. “The Tomart’s Guide To Hot Wheels, 6th Edition, Volumes 1 and 2” is another highly regarded book. Collectors who prefer magazines over books regard the “Toy Cars & Models” magazine as another helpful resource.