How Do You Determine the Value of Fitz and Floyd Collectibles?

To determine the value of Fitz and Floyd collectibles, identify the specific model of the collectible to assess whether it is a rare piece, then compare prices for the given figure. Ask the seller to indicate the original selling price of the collectible to help you determine a reasonable price for the item.

Examine the specific design features of a Fitz and Floyd collectible to identify it, such as the year of production, which is written on the figure using Roman numerals. The collectibles have the Fitz and Floyd, Inc. stamp embossed or printed on them as well. Pieces from the late 1970s display a copyright symbol with the letters “FF” after it. Once you identify the Fitz and Floyd collectible, use a collector’s guide to help price the figure.

Fitz and Floyd collectibles were created by artist Dean Griff and have over 1,500 designs; limited designs are more valuable. Look for Fitz and Floyd figurines from the Charming Tails series. These collectibles display woodland animals that possess human traits and participate in human activities.

Special limited edition Charming Tails figures include Millennium pieces, signing pieces, charity pieces and annual releases. Other limited editions include the Leaf and Acorn club membership pieces and the Concepts Direct mail order pieces. Fitz and Floyd also created resin mini-statues for their Edison and Rosemont events, so these rare pieces are valuable as well. They measure 3 inches tall, 26 inches wide and 24 inches deep.