How Do You Determine the Value of a Degrazia Painting?

To determine the value of a Degrazia painting, first determine if the painting is an original. An original Degrazia painting is worth significantly more than a print. Other more general factors, such as condition, medium and provenance, can also affect the value of the painting.

An original painting by Degrazia is much more highly valued than a print because in 1976, toward the end of his career, the artist burned an estimated 100 of his paintings. While the artist reportedly had witnesses at this bonfire, the truth of the story is debatable. Nonetheless, an original Degrazia is considered rare due to many of his paintings being lost.

As of 2015, eBay prices for original Degrazia oil paintings can be as much as $6800. A print of a Degrazia is generally worth less than $100. Rarity is one factor in determining the value of a painting. If there is a lot of demand for an artist but very few existing paintings by him, the rarity and therefore the value increases. Degrazia is a well-known artist and prints of his works are widely reproduced and sold, therefore these prints are not rare and not highly valued.

A framed painting or reproduction is usually worth more than an unframed work. Additionally, Degrazia’s oil paintings are worth more than his watercolors or sketches.