How Do You Determine the NADA Trade-in Value of a Motorcycle?

Determine the NADA trade-in value of a motorcycle by visiting and answering the appropriate questions about the motorcycle in its vehicle valuation tool, as of April 2015. Factors such as the make and model of the motorcycle, its condition and its mileage determine the trade-in value.

To find the NADA value of a motorcycle, choose the Motorcycles option from the main navigation bar on the home page of the website. This loads a page that contains all the motorcycle manufacturers recognized by the site. Choosing the manufacturer takes the user to a page that asks for the motorcycle’s year of manufacturing and its specific model. From there, the site asks for other relevant information about the motorcycle to display its current trade-in value.

Both buyers and sellers should compare this price to one found through another guide to create the most accurate picture of the motorcycle’s true value. Kelley Blue Book serves as a popular pricing alternative and uses a similar formula that takes the condition and year of a motorcycle into consideration to determine its value. is another useful site because, in addition to offering valuation tools, it allows the user to see current selling prices for similar motorcycles.