How Do You Determine Car Value by VIN Number Through

By Staff WriterLast Updated Apr 6, 2020 11:24:41 PM ET

As of 2015, the NADAguides website provides vehicle value estimates according to the make, model, body style, trim package and optional equipment of a particular vehicle. While NADAguides does not provide pricing information by Vehicle Identification Number, entering a VIN gives the user access to a vehicle's history for a fee.

Under the NADAguides Car Prices tab on the NADAguides website, you can research new and used car prices by checking certified pre-owned vehicles, as well as by checking make and body style. Website visitors can also find vehicles for sale in their area by choosing a price range. In addition, visitors can browse vehicles in specific locations by providing a ZIP code under the Car Deals tab.

The Car Research Tool tab has other helpful features, including a guide for selecting the appropriate vehicle to meet a car buyer's needs or finding a car to purchase by type or body style. NADAguides also has a vehicle comparison feature that allows users to compare up to four new and used cars side-by-side.

If you are interested in buying a vehicle but uncertain about financial aspects, NADAguides has calculators to help determine how much you can afford and your approximate monthly payments.