How Do You Determine the Age of Your Maytag Washer?

If a receipt or other paperwork is not available, the age of a Maytag washer can be found by looking at the serial number. The last two characters of the 10-digit number indicate the year and month of manufacture.

A Maytag washer serial number is 10 characters long, with the last two characters being letters. The first letter corresponds to the year the washer was manufactured, and the second is the month. The letters representing the year are not in order, and starting in 2004, they begin doubling up, with a letter representing two possible years. For instance, the letter E could represent 1980 or 2004.

Each month can be represented by one of two letters. For example, January could be either the letter A or B. The letters I and O are not used, and the letters representing months in the second half of the year are not in order. The exact location of the serial number varies, but places to check include under the lid in the right bottom corner and on the back of the unit, either behind the control panel or on the left of the frame.

Washing machines usually last around 11 years, so knowing a washer’s age is important when deciding to fix or replace it.