What Are Some Details Surrounding Connie Smith’s Marriages?

Connie Smith is an American country music singer who has married four times. Her first husband was Jerry Smith, a ferroanalyst she married in 1961 and divorced several years later. She married her second husband Jack Watkins, a guitarist, in the mid-1960s; they separated less than a year after their marriage. Smith married Marshall Haynes, a telephone repairman shortly thereafter, and the couple divorced in the early 1990s. Smith married her fourth husband, country music singer Marty Stuart in 1997.

Smith established her country music career in the early 1960s while she was married to her first husband and living in Ohio. She was a housewife who occasionally performed on local television shows. She won a talent competition in 1963. At this competition, Bill Anderson, a country music singer, heard Smith sing and he later helped her obtain her first recording contract.

Her second, third and fourth husbands have links to her music career. Her second husband, Watkins, played in her touring band. Haynes, her third husband, was also an evangelist who encouraged her to add gospel music to her repertoire. Her fourth husband, Stuart, is also a country music singer.

Smith has five children. She had a son with Jerry Smith and another one with Jack Watkins. She had three daughters with Marshall Haynes.