What Are Some Details About Ricky Skaggs’ Children?

As of Nov. 12, 2015, Ricky Skaggs has four children from his two marriages. He has a daughter, Molly, and a son, Lucas, with Sharon White, and he has a son, Andrew, and a daughter, Mandy, with Brenda Stanley.

Ricky Skaggs’s children Molly and Lucas were born to Sharon White, the former lead singer of The Whites, to whom he has been married since 1981. As of 2002, Molly, age 17, and Lucas, age 12, were being home schooled by their mother. Molly has since become a singer and regularly performs with her father on-stage. They perform an annual Christmas show, “A Skaggs Family Christmas.” Lucas also performs with the family on occasion as a guitarist.

Skaggs two other children, Andrew and Mandy, are from his first marriage to Brenda Stanley, In 2002, Andrew became a father at the age of 22, making Ricky and Sharon grandparents for the first time. That same year, Mandy, aged 24, was attending nursing school in Nashville, Tennessee. In 1990, Andrew was involved in an accidental shooting, requiring an emergency trip to the hospital. After Ricky informed Andrew that the suspect had been captured, Andrew responded that they would need to pray for the suspect so Jesus could forgive him.