What Are Some Details About Monica Lewinsky’s Wedding?

Alberto E. Rodriguez/WireImage/Getty Images

Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky has never married and has not had a wedding. She mentioned in a 2014 Vanity Fair essay that she has had to deal with some amount of what she terms “1998 whiplash” every time she has dated following her very public affair with President Bill Clinton.

Lewinsky told Vanity Fair piece that she has experienced trouble in many areas of her personal and professional life as a result of the public shame she has experienced since the sex scandal, which led to President Clinton’s impeachment. She worries that the media may spin details about her relationships in a way that could lead to further public shame.

Lewinsky has also had trouble finding employment. Many employers see her as a risk due to her infamy, fearing that hiring her may lead to a loss of government funding for their companies. Another area of Lewinsky’s life the scandal impacted is her relationship with her mother. The story of Tyler Clementi, who committed suicide after facing social media humiliation, was especially hard for Lewinsky’s mother. It reminded her of the time she spent worried her daughter might commit suicide to escape the public humiliation.