How Do You Design a Program for a Banquet?

Dennis Wong/CC-BY 2.0

Designing a banquet program is a matter of creating an informative document that matches the decorative style of the event.

  1. Determine the banquet colors and theme

    Choose paper or designs that fit with the banquet’s theme. For instance, if the colors are blue and gold, a program in blue paper with gold font is fitting. Decorating the program with a border that is in keeping with the banquet theme makes the document visually appealing. For instance, if the banquet is to celebrate the accomplishments of a sports team, a border of basketballs or footballs can draw the eye to the programs.

  2. Choose the program font

    Choose the font of the banquet program to match the event’s formality. Cursive fonts may be appropriate for a formal banquet. However, the font should also be easy to read, so a simple yet elegant font may also be ideal.

  3. Include necessary banquet information

    Include all pertinent information on the invitation, such as the purpose of the banquet and the order of the program. Indicate when dinner will be served, and mention the hosts and hostesses of the banquet. If there is a banquet speaker, an insert with a short bio for the speaker may be fitting for the banquet program.