How Do You Design a Family Shield?

To design a family shield, decide on a background shape, add artwork relating to aspects of your family heritage, choose colors that appeal to you and your family history, and add an appropriate family motto, if desired. It is often helpful to brainstorm the elements of the shield with a group of family members to complete this project.

  1. Decide on a background shield design

    Draw your own preferred design, or download one from a clip art program. Divide the shield into sections, if desired, to express different aspects of your family heritage.

  2. Add appropriate artwork

    Choose historically appropriate images, or create your own. Chose designs that relate to your family heritage or history. Place artwork in each section of the shield design. Repeat the designs if you wish, or put a different design in each section.

  3. Choose significant colors

    Decorate the shield and the chosen artwork with colors that reinforce the historical aspects of your family history. Research traditional color meanings for heraldic emblems on the Internet, or simply choose colors that you prefer. Color the artwork, shield and any banner in coordinating or contrasting colors.

  4. Add a pertinent family motto

    Translate an important family saying into Latin or French, or choose a historical family motto from your family heritage. Alternatively, leave a family motto in its language of origin. Look up Latin sayings if you cannot think of a motto yourself, and choose one that emphasizes family traits. Add the chosen motto to a banner above the family shield, or place it on the shield itself.