What Are Some Descriptive Words That Start With the Letter Z?

In the English language, there are few descriptive words that start with the letter Z. Some examples include zaftig, zany, zealous, zesty and zibeline. Others include zigzag, zinciferous, zippy and zoetic.

The word zaftig refers to a woman with a shapely figure. Zaftig comes from the German word “saftig,” which translates to “juicy.” Zany refers to someone who is extravagantly comical, usually in a slapstick manner; the word is often used to refer to clowns or actors who are over-the-top performers. Zany should not be confused with the world zealous, which is used to refer to someone who is simply full of character or overly enthusiastic about a certain purpose. Zesty is a word that is often used to describe food but simply refers to anything that is active or energetic. The word zibeline usually refers to animals but more commonly to the sable species. A sable is a species of marten that lives in the forests of Russia.

The word zigzag refers to sharp angles that result in an alternative direction. Zinciferous simply refers to something that contains or yields zinc. The word zippy is used to refer to something or someone quick or full of energy. Zoetic refers to something that pertains to life; the word comes from the Greek word “zoe,” which means “life.”