What Dentists Accept Aflac Dental Insurance?

People with Aflac individual insurance for dental coverage can use the benefits with any dentist without restrictions. People who choose an Aflac dental plan can stay with a current dentist, since Aflac does not have a network.

Aflac dental insurance does not require members to meet any out-of-pocket deductible, but there is a waiting period before benefits begin. Those who use Aflac dental insurance may take advantage of specific benefit amounts for all dental treatments, including wellness and diagnostic treatments. Aflac dental insurance also covers common procedures, such as cleanings, checkups and X-rays.

The coverage Aflac offers in a particular state is available on the Aflac website. Interested consumers can fill out information online or call Aflac to sign up.

Since Aflac is not a traditional dental insurance plan, it works a bit differently, and it advertises benefits like the One Day Pay feature. This feature begins by the member entering information into the Aflac Smartclaim system, which Aflac advertises as being a guided and user-friendly experience, and uploading supporting documents, which are easily captured with a smartphone or digital camera. As long as the information is submitted by 3:00 p.m., the payment is processed and paid within one business day.